Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 It's all about green and black. Jeanse,shoes!
 In Candy Camera here,Jeanse,Dresses in Mirror
 Seflie with Barbie in black hair and best dresses
Love you all from Diellza Behluli.


Ishte nje fotografim i cili tregonte makijazhin te cilin na vendosi nje e njohur ne vendin time ku jetoj ne Gjilan. Ajo perdori mjetet shum te bukura,te cilat na zbukuran neve aty.
Kaluam shum bukure,shpresoj se do tju pelqej edhe ky postim.

It was a photograph which showed make-up which put us a recognized my country I live in Gjilan. She used the very fine tools, which we zbukuran us there.

We spent very nice, hope you will like that even this post.