Thursday, January 8, 2015

Perfect Color :-))

Te dashurit e mi te bukure. Ju kemi munguar??
Nuk na komentoni fare per mungesen tone.
Ketu jane disa foto te bera me ngjyren me te miren ne bote,dje kemi qene tek motra ime e martuar e cila ka dy vajza,kaluam shume mire. Kishim pushim ne shkolle per shkak te festes te cilen e dini edhe ju. Kaluam shum bukure ishte nje dite e gjate.

My dear beautiful. You have missed ??
No comment at us for our absence.
Here are some photos made with the best color in the world, yesterday have been married to my sister who has two daughters, spent very well. We had a break in school for holidays which you well know. We spent pretty much been a long day.


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