Saturday, November 22, 2014

Red and Black!

Na  falni neve nese nuk kemi qenë aq aktive mirpo ne duhet te merremi edhe me mesimet ne jemi 15 vjeqare dhe jemi ende ne shkoll! Shpresoj tju pelqej kombinimi im

Mila Behluli : Facebook Milaa Behluli/ Twitter :@behlulijetmire / Instagram : milaabehluli
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Jeans: H&M , T-shirt : Zara

Excuse us if we have not been as active request but we must also deal with the lessons we are 15 years old and are still in school! Hope you like that my combination

Mila Behluli: Facebook Milaa Behluli / Twitter:behlulijetmire / Instagram: milaabehluli

Jeans: H & M, T-shirt: Zara

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